Heroic Fantasy

Heroic Fantasy is a tabletop roleplaying game based on the wildly popular ‘The Black Hack’.

Find the game on DrivethruRPG here: https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/198621

This book provides an all-in-one package to play heroic fantasy games of wild combat, fiendish monsters and powerful magic. Heroic Fantasy uses simple and accessible rules that blend traditional and indie flavours into an appetising experience.

Find within:

  • Smooth game rules based on The Black Hack, reordered and polished with additional explanation and descriptions
  • Choose from the iconic four Races, each with their own flavour
  • Choose from nine Classes, full of special abilities and magic
  • The Bard and Necromancer have their own spell lists
  • Personalise your characters with signature knowledge and skills to give you an advantage
  • Face the intervention of Fate – rolling equal to your ability creates special narrative intervention
  • Enchant your own items of power. Magic item creation rules
  • Hold against the Hordes of enemies. Rules to manage many adversaries attacking one PC
  • Never forget that the gods still breathe. Gods and Alignment added
  • Ready for when friend becomes foe. Guidance on PVP action
  • Some new Monsters
  • A short adventure location: The Sorcerer’s Lair.
  • An introductory roleplaying game, with everything needed for the beginner and more experienced player alike.

Play Heroic Fantasy!