We are publishing a series of setting books for Cepheus Deluxe, Stellagama Publishing’s excellent science fiction tabletop roleplaying game based on the Cepheus Engine. Hinterspace is a full setting for space opera adventures, inspired by the classic Traveller roleplaying game.

Always Be Prepared

Our first book gets you straight into the action with an adventure in the Eventide Subsector, providing you with five pregen characters and lots of digital assets to get the adventure to your table quickly.

Always Be Prepared – a Cepheus Adventure

  • 38 pages
  • Available in PDF and Softcover Book

An adventure for your starship crew, following the Teknan Main on a routine trade run. Nothing is entirely routine out in Hinterspace, as the characters will find as they jump into the Mabelicia system.

A two session adventure, adaptable for a one shot, set in the forthcoming Eventide Subsector, but adaptable to the setting of your choice.

Designed for and referencing Cepheus Deluxe, the adventure is quickly adaptable to any 2d6 SF game.

This PDF and Book comes with five pre-generated characters, system map, site encounter map and other handouts.