TRIPOD, ‘Traits in Pools of Dice’ is a rules light roleplaying game that uses your own descriptive phrases and applies them directly into the action by giving the phrase a value, which is converted into a number of six sided dice to throw. TRIPOD is quick and easy to play, designed to be used in any genre that you wish to explore.

TRIPOD features the following:

  • Body, Mind & Soul character attributes that provide the base for your dice pool
  • Descriptive character creation using player defined words and phrases, called ‘traits’, which are then split between your attributes
  • Create Goals for your characters that drive them forward to success
  • Describe what your character is doing and create your pool of dice based on attribute, goal, equipment, traits, aid and scale
  • A flexible maximum number of dice in a pool
  • Roll your dice and get as many successes as possible – highest wins. Only the dice that land on the table count!

TRIPOD focuses on how descriptions of characters and scenes affect play at your gaming table. Instead of numerous mechanistic modifiers the game presents narrative opportunities which are translated into dice for your characters. It’s light, open and encourages story telling and vivid descriptions around the table. There are depths to the rules to support extended campaign play.

TRIPOD is available on DrivethruRPG:

TRIPOD is a revision to the Wordplay RPG:

Here’s a simple character sheet.